On the surface of this strange egg, the clay is wedded to water, turns into a light mousse, becomes insubstantial, and then evaporates. What kind of creature would come into being within this cocoon?


Backstory to Écume 

Drilling holes in a solid surface is an instinctive temptation. Passage Secret succumbed.

The first objects were vases whose edges showed signs of rust, weathered by age. Then the Charlie Hebdo attack happened, and the holes suddenly took on a tragic sense: now, all we could see was the stigmata of a burst of machine-gun fire. We needed to rediscover hope. The shapes became oval, diversified. From metal, the objects moved towards organic, aquatic. Life reasserted its rights. These funny little animals reminded us of corals. And so they were baptised Acropora.

During this time, the European probe Rosetta, in orbit round the comet Chury, was transmitting to Earth a series of scientific data and images. The world discovered that the celestial body was a real Gruyère cheese of ice. It was this highly-mediatised event that inspired the creation of Comète

Experimentation and growing dexterity in the art of piercing led the artists to push back the limits of the possible, until the impalpable predominates, effectively turning the object into a lace of foam.

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