What if the walls of your living room really were liquid? What would happen if someone threw a pebble at them? What colours would it be, this new, unexplored, underwater world? With Splash!, you can dream it. Blur horizontality's reference points and walk through walls. By playing with numbers, sizes and shades, you can compose your own unique, personal and original mural painting.

The backstory to Splash!

In 2018, Yaël and Guillaume were approached by Chanel: to stimulate the imagination of its fragrance creators, the company placed an order with Passage Secret for three contemporary artworks, the only constraint being the theme "Chanel No.5". The three designs included Splash!, which portrays the impact of a thrown away bottle of Chanel No.5 on a standing-pool.

The effect is impressive. For Yaël and Guillaume, always inspired by the concepts of metamorphosis and movement, it only took one step to shift these splashes onto walls and ceilings.




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